Friday, March 23, 2012

New Bed, Part I

I KNOW! I haven't updated in such a very long time. It must be so frustrating for all of my family loyal readers! I told myself that I shouldn't have even created the blog until I had about 100 posts saved up because the last thing that this procrastinator needs is more excuses.  But in one tragic burst of creative thinking, I started the blog. Then I did nothing for months. 


Since I had my son, I've been on an unending quest to redo our entire apartment. To give you an idea, we got most everything that made up our apartment for free or from a garbage toss (yikes) and I was sick and tired of it all. One thing we did at first was make a headboard. I'm planning on making a bed frame as well, which will be posted later (or at my rate, sometime in 2020). 

I love the look of a tufted headboard. I love the price of a DIY headboard! It was the best of both worlds and also, super easy. We just got a piece of plywood cut to the dimensions that we wanted and then drilled holes into the plywood where we wanted the buttons. 

After the drilling, we covered our plywood in memory foam. I actually bought an egg carton topper from bed bath and beyond on clearance for only a few dollars, which saved tons of money. 

We then simply pulled our fabric (upholstery quality, from Joann Fabrics "Circa Solid Salt") over the egg carton and stapled it to the back of the wood. I should take a picture of the back of it. IT IS UGLY! 

We took our buttons that were simply made from a button covering kit (also from Joann fabric- ) and thread them through the fabric and out through the holes with EMBROIDERY thread. That is important because it is so much tougher than other types of thread. Once the thread was pulled through and exposed in the back, we stapled it down to the wood. 

I love that tufted headboards look so cosy, although I subsequently want to lay in bed all day. Oh well. Life is full of hardships I guess. 

To make sure that we got it to look very cushion-y, Robert pushed the buttons as hard has he could towards the back of the headboard, then I pulled the thread tightly and stapled it. Having two people for this step makes a big difference in how deep the buttons lay in the headboard. 

We just hung it up with D hooks ( into wall studs. It was so easy! 

I'm going to get better at taking pictures during the projects and not just after, so stick with me! 


  1. Are those pictures of your actual bed? It looks so pretty! Glad you're back to posting...

  2. Hi what was the egg carton topper used for?

  3. The egg carton was used between the plywood and the fabric. It's what gives the headboard its "squish!" The thicker foam you use, the more plush the headboard ends up and the more indented the buttons can be pushed.

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  5. It needs much photos to explain it well...

  6. It looks fantastic. I always wondered how to make a tufted headboard. I never thought about cutting out holes! Very clever! Thank you for inspiring me!