Saturday, March 24, 2012

Frameless Clock

Robert and I had been looking for a clock forever. He is picky about clocks, which is strange because the man doesn't have opinions about practically anything. But clocks? Boy, does he ever. 

Although I know one thing that just always wins him over...the word cheap. 

So we made one, and it was so fun and we both love it. 

All you need to make one of your own is:

-  some wooden letters (we got our from, I highly recommend searching MarvsCars on etsy) 
- a clock movement (Amazon Clock Movement
- Silver paint, or whichever color you choose (Blick Acrylic Paint

First, I painted all the parts of the clock movement separately. I needed quite a few coats of silver arcylic paint, but it was worth it and only took a few minutes per coat. 

Then I painted all of the numbers, which took practically no time at all. You may need to sand them down a little, but that took me about 5 minutes total. 

Once everything was dry I put the clock movement together and hung it on the wall. Depending on the size of the numbers you get (we had 3" numbers that were 1/4" thick) you can make the clock however big or small you like. 

To make the clock perfectly round, I but the 12, 3, 6, and 9 up on the wall first, then just eyeballed the remaining numbers so that it looked nice (I think). 

I attached ours to the wall with just a few dots of wood glue on the back of each number. This way, You can pluck them off when you want to move it. You could also use hot glue, which is even less permanent! 

I hope you like!

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  1. What a cute little desk nook! I didn't know you did that clock. Now you see why I either need regular craft blog posts or video updates sent via phone. I can't keep up with all your crafts without them!