Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello World!

Well the internet may not need another crafty blog site, but I need one! So, here it is. This blog is meant to be all things crafty, or really anything else I like. What that means is that it will also probably feature some dessert posts. Plus, every now and again a post may or may not pop up that features my little jude bug. He’s so cute. He’s my son, not a cat. I figured you probably thought I was a cat-loving spinster who would post every other post on either knitting or cats. Listen, I don’t hate cat people (cough, Maggie)…in fact I love some of them. But, I am not one. I do however have a chubby baby boy named Jude and a husky little nephew named Briasson (who lives next door) that may waddle their way on to the site. Sue me, they are too cute. And if you are really lucky you may even get a peek at their long lost cousin Marin who left for California at 6 months and was never to return from the sunshine state again. He has a melon head. You’ll love him.
But this is a craft blog! I swear! It will be slow going to begin with, but I hope a few people read it and are inspired to do some very fabulous things!


  1. Am I one of your crafty friends you reference in your profile? I can do a guest post about Copy Cards if you'd like. I can't wait to see your crafts!

  2. If by "crafty," Emma means underhanded and shrewd, then, Easten, you are definitely one of her crafty friends.

    But perhaps you can post some cr*p-on-a-stick projects for all of us to "enjoy."

  3. Great idea and beautiful start!